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Timelines and transitions saw frames whenever the master clock ticked. Mutter also received a series of improvements to its test suit. 29.07.2016 - Ideas for setting up the classroom and starting a new school year with a new group of children in day care, preschool/nursery school and kindergarten. Streaming windows is also done using DMA buffer sharing mechanisms. (Some readers might be more familiar with usability testing as the means through which data-driven design gets done, and that is a useful approach, but it typically happens later in the process.). That’s one of the main responsibilities of ClutterStageView. A few exciting optimizations and improvements to Clutter’s layout machinery landed, and they bring groundwork for future improvements as well. The main research exercise was a series of interviews with existing GNOME users. When it’s a core part of the desktop, even a small regression can be a significant issue for some users. Watch this space. Then we conducted a screen sharing exercise in which the interviewee showed us how their desktop was set up. This doesn’t mean that the results we got are invalid. Then we ran through some exercises to see how they performed basic tasks. These methods quickly become second nature, so much so that people report feeling a visceral lack of control when using other systems. The Extensions app saw some improvements too. The road to reach this point was long and tortuous, and required coordinated efforts of dozens of contributors over the course of at least 5 years. [3] Some notes on: representativeness and generalisability. Please tell me if there are any problem caused by this theme. Some parts of GNOME Shell have a clear, simple spatial model which makes  navigation feel effortless. It was solely conducted within the confines of Red Hat’s Desktop Team, purely for convenience’s sake, and was able to provide some initial numbers for use by the design team. An interesting aspect of Clutter is that, despite seeming like a 2D toolkit, it actually renders actors in a 3D space. Furthermore, by using the graphene_ray_t helper, we also benefit from vectorized operations. This is likely to be the case for the bulk of any changes, due to the interconnected nature of the overview. For 3.36.1, we’ve tracked down many issues around it and fixed them. The results vary from hardware to hardware, but in principle this should reduce CPU and GPU usage and, consequently, improve performance. That’s because changing the number of icons per page would potentially incur losing the customizations made to the app grid. For transitions, used extensively by GNOME Shell to implement animations, this is handled by making a ClutterAnimatable provide the actor, and for stand-alone timelines, it’s a property set directly on the timeline before it’s started. A good example of this is the app grid: The first page opens with a “swarm” animation from the app grid icon, but then additional pages appear from outside the viewport. We avoided talking to anyone who is directly involved in desktop development, and we tried to recruit research participants with a range of roles and technical backgrounds. PDF Printables. As an application toolkit, only a single, global frame clock was necessary; but as a compositor toolkit, this design doesn’t fit the requirements for multi-monitor setups. It is the theme song of the 1977 war film Cross of Iron. Mutter saw a very, very, very, very large number of code cleanups. How can only seven users provide useful results? That said, we’ll be continuing to review the design as feedback comes in. The frame scheduling related logic (including flip counting, schedule time calculation, etc) was spread out in ClutterMasterClockDefault, ClutterStage, ClutterStageCogl, MetaRendererNative, MetaStageNative, and MetaStageX11, but has now now been concentrated to ClutterFrameClock and ClutterStageView alone. Well done!”, — Matthias Clasen, GTK maintainer, Red Hat, “It’s incredible how polished and mature GNOME has become. If you’d be interested in testing development builds, look out for follow-up posts. This sequence can be panned and scrolled. During each interview, we got general background information about the interviewee and their computing activities. Clutter uses a traditional perspective projection when rendering. The first thing to say here is that small-N studies (those with a small number of participants) are valuable and can deliver significant insights, and have important advantages over large-N surveys. Over the last cycles, there has been some attempts to make it handle multiple monitors slightly better by juggling multiple monitors with their own refresh rates and clocks using various tricks, but the fundamental design was standing in the way for making substantial progress, so it has been completely decommissioned. Every kind of support is very appreciated. Interviewees were recruited from through the team’s professional contacts. The results also posed some conundrums. This new layout manager is in many ways more suitable for current and future changes: The most visible impact is that it now selects a row x column configuration that is closest to the aspect ratio of the display: There are still improvements to make, especially with ultra-wide displays, but the foundation work is already there, and it will be vastly easier to fine-tune the behavior of the app grid on different scenarios. As we celebrate the imminent GNOME 3.38 release, we also look forward the release after that, and contemplate the many challenges lie ahead. In the German dubbed version of 2001: A Space Odyssey the HAL 9000 computer sings " Hänschen klein " (instead of " Daisy Bell ") while deactivated, possibly because in 1958 a Z22 computer had been programmed by the employees of Konrad Zuse to sing the tune in a demonstration. (Both of those original performances came from Itzhak Perlman and it’s interest how different the two virtuosos sound – both brilliant, but familiarity will probably mean the Perlman versions will remain most people’s go-tos.) These determine how the variables are used to represent the data and are defined using the aes() function. With the second argument mapping we now define the “aesthetic mappings”. This means that when an actor moves across the stage and enters a different stage view, the timeline will be notified about this and will decide whether to migrate to a different frame clock. In best-case scenarios, it only projects a single group of vertices. However, we also want to make it a more engaging and personal part of the experience, so the apps space feels like it belongs to you. We want to represent the grouping variable gender on the X-axis and stress_psych should be displayed on the Y-axis. This allowed us to simultaneously optimize rendering, and remove code! Excerpts (From Close Encounters of the Third Kind) (10:04) 3. We have already done some initial, limited research, to find out how many windows, apps and workspaces are typically in use. Given the extents of the improvements, this is being considered for backporting to GNOME 3.36, but the size of the changes are also considerable. One of the core ideas behind the original design of the shell was getting out of your way, and reducing distractions as much as possible. You can read more about it in our previous article “Splitting Up The Frame Clock.”. These volumes are built by projecting the 2D clip regions in the 2D plane, and extending them all the way to the camera, and also all the way against the camera. One such relic is ClutterMasterClock . come from GTK+ theme. US$0.99. This updated version should prevent a lot of heavy background processing of events. Add firefox userstyle. By representing clips in 3D space, we can avoid projecting 3D actors in 2D planes over and over, which is yet another significant optimization of the rendering process. 15. Dukungan dalam bentuk apapun sangat diapresiasi. Mutter effects Every kind of support is very appreciated. (In tests, participants found this easier to understand, as well as being more engaging.). Általános iskola 3. osztály 4. osztály Német. Work is ongoing to implement the design and work through outstanding design issues. As such, it is a layout manager, and not an UI element itself. Calendar events are now displayed below the actual calendar, and sections as more visually prominent. Thank you so much! Some of them are also required for per-CRTC frame clocks. Remembrances – from “Schindler’s List” 18. One of the most visible shortcomings of the current shell layout is the bootup experience. Workspaces are arranged horizontally, and have a physical quality to them. 02 – Excerpts (From Close Encounters of the Third Kind) 03 – Devil’s Dance (From The Witches of East 04 – Adventures on Earth (From E.T. It holds attractions for everyone, from the jaded medical professionals who thought they’d seen it all to the coveys of youngsters who compete to point out the grossest items to their friends, from the student of history to the connoisseur of the macabre. We also ran a small survey, to get some baseline numbers on user behaviour. For example, taking actions on individual items (e.g. The Extra-Terrestrial 05. In subsequent posts, members of the team will provide more detail on the design itself and the research that has been conducted. Also an issue many users had ran into where the Super key did not work as it should when using multiple keyboard layouts in the X11 session was fixed!. These determine how the variables are used to represent the data and are defined using the aes() function. Some of these will be open to wider participation so, if you are interested, we would love to have you involved! It includes some major updates, particular the new lock screen and updated visuals, as well as a host of smaller improvements. Download Anne-Sophie Mutter, Vienna Philharmonic & John Williams – John ... 02 – Excerpts (From “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”) 03 – Devil’s Dance (From “The Witches of Eastwick”) 04 – Adventures on Earth (From “E.T. Also as part of the preparations for a customizable application grid, the Frequent tab was removed. If you want mpris extension has the same color as the preview, please use this fork mpris-fork. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for John Williams in Vienna - John Williams, Wiener Philharmoniker, Anne-Sophie Mutter on AllMusic - 2020 The areas that we are looking at mainly relate to the overview, although in places they touch other areas of the experience. The Duel – from “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” 17. The goals of the interviews was to a) get general information on how the shell gets used, b) evaluate how the existing shell design is performing, and c) identify ways in which the shell could be improved for our users. It’s hard to believe, but we’re coming up on 10 years of GNOME Shell. feauture Anne-Sophie Mutter (*) Audio only 01:15:01 01. The well established technique of raycast throws a virtual “ray of light” into the scene, and does a hit test against a list of rectangles to figure out which ones are touched by the ray. This means colors, fonts, etc. Adventures on Earth (From E.T. In the German dubbed version of 2001: A Space Odyssey the HAL 9000 computer sings " Hänschen klein " (instead of " Daisy Bell ") while deactivated, possibly because in 1958 a Z22 computer had been programmed by the employees of Konrad Zuse to sing the tune in a demonstration. Like. Now that we’ve dropped many core components of Mutter, Clutter, and Cogl, in favor of their Graphene counterparts, it is possible to think about other improvements, specially in the rendering pipeline itself. With the second argument mapping we now define the “aesthetic mappings”.

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