kv in rpm

K2 kv / Drehzahlmesser mit Motordrehzahlverstellung ... Having set the correct magnet pair counts for each motor - the RPM is spot on with the laser and whether I use a 3S, 4S or 6S I get the same Kv value at 100pcnt throttle and guess what - they correlate with the motor specs.. Again, my apologies but i limit to 4 stars for the short cable and wandering pot.. FPV quadcopter build guide and fpv flying tips, Components of building your own quadcopter, How to choose Best Goggles for FPV Racing, Most popular quadcopter flight controller for FPV Racing, Most popular and best motor for fpv racing, Most popular quadcopter Radio Receiver for FPV Racing, The Hubsan X4 H107C HD Micro Drone with Camera Review, 2 in 1 JJRC H3 Dual Purpose Air Ground RC Quadcopter Drone, 7 Insanely Affordable drone Video editing Techniques, Drone News from around the Globe | Latest Drone News Stories. //

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