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It offers courses in the fields of English Literature and English Linguistics. International students. Weiterbildung. Hochschulzugangsberechtigung - university entrance certificate. Research team from Goethe University and TU Munich involved. Grundstudium - basic level studies. Created By Christoper Allan S Mandayo--- Created on . 09 Aug 20. Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Grundlagenprüfungen - examination in core courses. public. Hauptstudium - advanced level studies. Universität Hamburg offers more than 170 degree programs. Korean Studies at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt University), within the Institute for Oriental and East Asian Studies (Institut für Orientalische und Ostasiatiche Philologien), is one of the key areas of study that make up the Interdisciplinary Centre for East Asian Studies (Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Ostasienstudien - IZO). This site will provide you with information on the location of the department, the people who work there and the courses offered. You will find information on the structure and contents of the degree course "English Studies" on the following pages. Mit einem Bachelor in English Studies sind Sie für die Zukunft gut aufgestellt. How matter holds together: ALICE researchers prepare the way for precision studies of the strong interaction. All three sections are essential to the department, and all have their own staff. 22 English Study Program s at Goethe University Frankfurt. 46.000. Hochstufung - advancing the term counter. ... Nebenfach - minor subject. Hörsaal - lecture hall. degree - 2-subjects Program with two majors in Literature and/or Linguistic Studies: in addition to your two majors, you need to have obtained a total amount of 30 Credit Points in at least one of the following subjects: Sociology, Political Sciences, Media Studies, Economics, History, Philosophy, Educational Studies. Lehramt Englisch (L1, L2, L3 und L5) If you are interested in a teaching degree in English at Goethe University Frankfurt, you will find all information on the following pages. 16% . All important info for international students in Germany (2020/2021) Goethe University Frankfurt. 2001 post-doctoral thesis (Venia legendi in Constitutional and Administrative Law, Social Law, European Law and the Philosophy of Law), 2003 Professor for Constitutional and Administrative Law at the Distance University of Hagen, 2004 Professor at the Ruhr University of Bochum for Constitutional and Administrative Law with special emphasis on Social Law. Degree programs. The program is taught exclusively in English; knowledge of German is not required for admission to, or completion of the program. www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Status. Pflichtmodul - required module. B.A. The series is an international and transdisciplinary programme offered by the Institute of English and American Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt. 22 . Students doing a subsidiary subject (minor, Nebenfach) take courses in language and literature or language and linguistics. About the University. Updated on . mit einem Volontariat oder einem Berufseinstieg in … Share on Facebook. Students doing English Studies as a main subject (major, Hauptfach) take courses in all three areas. Pick one by: degree type: bachelor's, master's (including English language programs) and teaching degrees faculty ; letter of the alphabet; You can also sort search results by … University. Students. Dec 14 2020. Type. In the Zoom event: Goethe University Frankfurt; English Studies (BA) Created By /Updated By. 16:41. 04 Nov 16. On 22 January, the Indian writer Arundhati Roy will be the featured guest speaker in the renowned "In Transit|ion" lecture series at Goethe University Frankfurt. Course Description: English Studies. DESCRIPTION . Nach Abschluss des BA-Studiums an der Goethe-Universität, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, erste Schritte im Berufsleben zu gehen, z.B. With c. 1,000 students, the English Department is one of the biggest in the Faculty of Arts. No. English Studies (BA) Fees Detail . of English-taught Study Programs.

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